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Ceramic Gelcoat is a process offered on Centurion and Supreme boats through BoardCo that makes your boat easier to maintain, keeps it looking better long-term and improves the overall appearance. This is achieved through a nanotechnology process that puts an ultra-thin layer of ceramic grade coating across the gelcoat on the boat. This technology, which has been used on high performance sports cars for years, is now available on new Centurion and Supreme boats through BoardCo. Reduced Maintenance The Ceramic Pro coating process takes traditional gelcoat that is relatively soft and porous and transforms it to be extremely smooth and uniform. Ceramic Gelcoat is so smooth that water has a difficult time sticking to the surface and therefore does not have time to harden into water spots. Water spots on a boat with Ceramic Gelcoat are reduced significantly and any water spots that do appear are removed much easier. A boat that sits in the water for days can now be polished clean with water and a towel in minutes instead of harsh chemicals and hours of scrubbing. The Ceramic finish also protects against UV rays and oxidation on your gelcoat. No more water spot remover, no more wax and no more buffing. Improved Appearance In Addition to [...]
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CERTIFIED NOW FEATURING OPTI-V TECHNOLOGY The engineers at Centurion took the already iconic Ri237 to a totally new level with the addition of the Opti-V Hull. The Ri237 already boasts the best surf waves in the world as the official towboat World Wakesurfing Championships and now, with the Opti-V hull, puts out some of the best novice and pro level wakeboard wakes in the world along with the crossover capability of excellent recreation ski wakes. This new Ri237 delivers improved handling and 50% better fuel economy compared to the previous generation. The Ri237 pushes things to the next level in comfort and design. With the deepest freeboard of any boat in its class, the Ri237 provides the safest and driest ride on the water. The storage compartments on this boat are big, as in pack up gear for the entire neighborhood and don’t forget the kitchen sink big – all sitting above the incredible Ramfill ballast system. This boat has additional comforts such as flip-up stadium seating, bimini top surfboard sleeves, playpen lounge seating and the exclusive Bluetooth Downfire Surround Sound Audio System.Grab your shorts and let's go take a surf set behind the Ri237! Ri237 BOAT SPECS LENGTH: 23' 7" BEAM: [...]

How often will you put up and take down the bimini top on your boat? One... maybe two... thousand times? Other than the steering wheel and the throttle, the bimini top is probably the most used feature on any boat. That said, most biminis are just awful; they take 2-3 people 5-10 minutes to put up and take down, barely cover the driver (if that), and rattle like an old tin can. Seriously, how are boat companies getting away with making this stuff?

Introducing the Sewlong Folding Canopy Top v3 - a top that opens and folds up faster, covers more area and is more solid than any bimini on any other inboard boat; oh, and it has built in surf board sleeves on top. The FCTv3 is custom built for the Centurion Maximus tower here in Salt Lake City, UT by Sewlong - a company that has been designing high end marine canvas products since 1999. This patented system is so awesome that it was awarded the Industrial Fabrics Association's International Outstanding Achievement Award - an award covering not just marine applications, but fabric work in all industries within 42 countries. To our knowledge, it is the only marine canvas product to ever win this award. The top covers an astounding 42 square feet (77" [...]
Welcome to where beauty, simplicity and function meet to deliver an unparalleled captain's experience. All Centurion boat models feature large dual screen navigation with touch controls, standard. The Centurion Touch Vision dash system has been designed and perfected by FW Murphy for optimal interaction between hardware and software, delivering the lowest warranty and defect rate in the industry.The new patented Touch Vision takes the function and reliability of touch screen dash controls to a whole new level. The dual screen system on the Ri series have a patented interaction that allows them to function seamlessly sliding controls from side to side, ensuring you always have what you need where you need it. Both Centurion dashes feature a brilliant 1080p display unique to the towboat industry, allowing crisp lines and razor sharp details to shine through like never before. The extra large space and simple functionality let you navigate to any feature and control any function without having to cycle through menus or toggle switches. The new Touch Vision system is a command center with tech and features far beyond any other dash control system.
In 2002 Centurion pioneered the first wakesurf-focused Deep V hull design on a V-Drive boat. From 2002 to 2017, Centurion refined and developed 9 different V hull designs, making improvements and refinements with each new release. In 2018, Centurion released the 10th generation of their V hull technology – this time it wasn't an improvement; it was a revolution. Introducing the Opti-V Hull. The Opti-V hull accomplishes what was, until this point, impossible: Longer and more massive wakesurf waves than the already-legendary World Championship Centurion surf waves Clean and smooth recreational wakeboard wakes with zero ballast at speeds as low as 17 mph Huge  pro-level wakeboard wakes that are totally clean on both sides, even when fully loaded Shockingly smooth and mellow water ski wake at ski speed Sports car handling that makes the Ri257 maneuver like a 21-foot boat and the Fi21 handle like a direct drive Incredible ride through rough water – the smoothest available on any towboat in the world Up to 50% (yes, really) improved fuel efficiency and 2X faster acceleration compared to other boat hulls Yes, we are talking about one boat with all these capabilities - thanks to the most incredible wake [...]
Get ready for an audio experience like nothing else you've ever heard on the water. The quality of most boat audio systems is judged on one thing - volume. Downfire turns this definition on its head. Put simply, Downfire is not just louder, it's better.   Welcome to Surround Sound Nearly all boat stereos have one thing in common - the sound is only good in one spot of the boat at a time. Crank up the music so the bow passengers can hear, and people in the back need ear plugs or tune it perfectly for the cockpit, and the driver can't hear a thing. The primary mission of the Downfire system was to design a better audio experience for everyone - from bow to stern to the surfer 25-feet back. With a total of 15 speakers (yes, that's one-five) uniquely angled throughout the boat and tower, passengers have perfectly tuned sound streaming from multiple directions. Now, let's take it up another notch. To ensure ultimate audio quality, the Downfire Audio system is designed specifically for the unique environment of being on a boat. The entire system is tuned to deliver unbelievable sound amidst engine noise, wind and the unique acoustics of water. Time to crank it to 11. To deliver the best possible experience, Downfire offe [...]
The QuickSurf Pro System allows you to dial in a world-class surf wave on each side of the boat and change from side to side in just seconds. It is composed of a set of uniquely shaped wake plates which sit at the back of the boat on either side of the center wing plate. These plates deploy downward and, with the help of the Surftech V Hull, slightly list and crab the boat to either side to clean up the surf wave. Unlike most other surf systems, the Quicksurf plates are specifically engineered to each hull, with different plate shapes for each boat model and hull shape. Since each hull displaces water differently, each set of plates is tuned to provide the best possible surf wave on either side of the boat.   Evenly-Weighted Surfing The QuickSurf Pro System allows you to run even ballast on both sides without having to list your boat to the side, creating an even platform for the surfer and delivering a more comfortable ride for passengers - who no longer have to feel like they're going to slip down the side of the boat. For those who prefer to surf while listed, QuickSurf Pro allows you to run more total ballast - giving your wave more power and volume than running your boat without it.   Instant Wave Transfers [...]
CENTURION RAMFILL BALLAST SYSTEM Put simply - Ramfill is the largest, quickest-filling ballast system in a wake boat, period.

How it Works Instead of having the same system offered on nearly every other wake boat for the last 15 years, the Ramfill Ballast System uses a scoop on the bottom that opens and forces water into huge glassed-in tanks while driving (hence "ramfill"). On the scoop are two - 3-inch intake valves that split off to each side of the boat. The tanks empty using valves at the back end of the boat which, when opened, allow water to rush out while the boat is underway. From the Touch Vision Command Center, you can see the ballast levels in each tank and see it as it fills / empties.

Fill Time
The combination of pressure generated by the moving vessel and the size of the intake pipes makes Ramfill, by far, the fastest-filling ballast system ever developed. When the valves are opened, the tanks are filled 30 times (yes... 30X) faster than a typical ballast pump, reducing ballast fill time from 15 minutes to 45 seconds. Say goodbye to long wait times when going from surfing to skiing [...]
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