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2020 Centurion Vi22

Feeling nostalgic for your early days of water sports? The classically styled Vi22 offers a nod to nostalgia, with an updated expression of 21st century design. Defined as “victory innovated” the 2020 Vi series offers a classic look with an updated performance – a combination that delivers satisfaction.

With its sleek, slightly nostalgic design, and its dialed-back depth, the Vi22 allows you to feel connected to the water, without compromising your feeling of comfort or security. Experience the water proof joy of championship performance behind this nicely sized wake surf boat.

The exterior offers a nod to the past, but don’t be fooled. This classically-styled v-bow towboat is all new on the inside, with fingertip touch controls at your hand, and outlets for all your must-have devices. It combines the best of both worlds – timeless design with contemporary functionality.

We get lots of questions involving engine hours, especially on used or demo boats. Often times we see people looking for boats that are 10 years old with less than 200 engine hours. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can often lead to people overpaying (sometimes drastically) to get a boat that won’t perform any better or last longer than a boat with higher engine hours.

There’s a widespread misconception regarding engine hours on used boats. The most common question we get regarding used boats is something along these lines: “How many hours are too many hours on a boat?” or “How long will a boat engine last? 900 hours?”

We often get used boats in on trade that have close to 1,000 hours on the engine. People tend to think 1,000 hours is too many, but what is too many? Let’s make a comparison with the automotive industry. We have [...]

Is there really such thing as a boat that can wakeboard, surf, AND ski? Many people are skeptical that one boat can simply do it all. If you look at the boats designed for skiing, they have a drastically different running surface than the boats designed for wakesurfing.

How can you make a boat that’s fun to ski behind and surf behind? There are two ways that boat manufacturers are making boats that can both ski and surf well.

  1. Put a surf system and ballast on a boat with a flat hull
  2. Put a surf system, ballast and XL trim plate on a boat with a surf hull

So [...]

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