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Is there really such thing as a boat that can wakeboard, surf, AND ski? Many people are skeptical that one boat can simply do it all. If you look at the boats designed for skiing, they have a drastically different running surface than the boats designed for wakesurfing.

How can you make a boat that’s fun to ski behind and surf behind? There are two ways that boat manufacturers are making boats that can both ski and surf well.

  1. Put a surf system and ballast on a boat with a flat hull
  2. Put a surf system, ballast and XL trim plate on a boat with a surf hull

So [...]

PAYMENTS ON THIS BOAT as low as $699 / month oac!

2019 Centurion Ri237 S2S Limited Edition

CALL OR TEXT 801-491-3710 for more information on this boat.

* S2S Gel Coat Scheme filled w/ Silver Patriot Green Metal Flake charged separately. (Patriot Green is not available on any other model.)
* S2S Gator Step Interior and Exterior
* S2S Wrap
* S2S Logo Stitching
* Grizzly Cooler w/ S2S Gator Step
* Silver Patriot Green Metal Flake Table w/ S2S Gator Step

The engineers at Centurion took the already iconic Ri237 to a totally new level with the addition of the Opti-V Hull. The Ri237 already boasts the best surf waves in the world as the official towboat World Wakesurfing Championships and now, with the Opti-V hull, puts out some of the best novice and pro level wakeboard wakes in the world along with the crossover capability of excellent recreation ski [...]

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