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Introducing the Centurion Fi Series

Introducing the Centurion Fi Series

Since it was first rumored the most common questions we get on the new 2018 Centurion line all center around one thing – the Fi Series. This new boat series for 2018 is unlike anything that we have seen, either from Centurion or from any other inboard boat company. The following hopes to answer the most important and frequently asked questions about the Fi:

Why did Centurion build the Fi?

The Fi Series is designed to meet a number of customer desires that were not being met fully within the existing Centurion offering. The goal of the Fi series was to create a boat with a unique look, an unbeatable value proposition, and legendary performance.

What is the cost?

The value proposition of the Fi is incredible. Many of the options and features on the Fi are a-la-carte, allowing you to choose the options important to you while maintaining the top notch craftsmanship and not cutting corners on… well… anything. Come down and see us – we are happy to walk you through the options and possibilities and get you the full details on this amazing boat.

How does it surf?

Freaking awesome. The Fi series was distilled from the Ri series and its legendary performance and sacrifices nothing in the way of the wakesurf wave. Be ready for long, heavy waves with the size and mass that can only be found behind a Centurion.

How does it wakeboard/drive/ski?

Far beyond what you would ever expect. The Fi series boats are equipped with the all-new Centurion Opti-V Hull that is beyond any wake hull you have ever driven. The Fi offers up some of the biggest, cleanest, perfectly shaped wakeboard wakes you have ever seen on any boat. With the optimal design of the Stinger Plate System and Quick Launch, the water ski wake is flatter and smoother than any recent wake boat offering. Beyond this, the Opti-V hull is by far the most efficient hull we have offered – allowing the boat to drive and handle with ease and feel like a sports car even when equipped with a smaller engine.

What is the hull like?

The Fi series shares the same Opti-V hull bloodline as the 2018 Centurion Ri series that is molded into different contours and style lines. The Opti-V Hull was first introduced on the Ri257 and helped it to reach near mythical status in the wakesurf world, and you will see this same running surface on the Fi series. The differences in the Fi are nearly all above the water line with some of the most unique and aggressive body lines you have ever seen on a wake boat. The Fi is bold and beautiful and unlike anything else you have ever seen.

Is it a picklefork bow?
Short answer – yes.

Long answer – The Fi has a wide contoured bow that is a combination of a picklefork design and a traditional bow. The result is a bow design with the space of a picklefork, the lines of a traditional bow and the ability to go through waves without dunking the nose in the water.

Fi or Ri?
The Fi series is in no way a replacement and is fully complementary to the Ri series. There are a lot of similarities in the features, performance between the boats, but there are also a number of differences. Here are a few attributes that distinguish the Fi series:
-Unique body lines and aggressive look
-World class performance at an unprecedented value
-Clear pass through to the bow with no step up
-Sportier profile on the water
-Large single touchscreen driver interface
-Unique graphics and styling

-Many Ri features available as options on the Fi so you can customize to your liking

Is the Fi a new version of the FS?

This is one of the most common questions we get and the answer is.. sorta yes? The running surface is totally unique and the only similarity it has to the older FS series is killer surf performance. Just about everything else is vastly improved for wakeboarding, skiing, handling, etc. compared to the FS. The Fi features far greater storage capability and deeper freeboard than the FS, along with very different body lines. If you liked the FS, the Fi will blow you away.

The new Fi Series is incredible and we are more than excited to have this incredible offering that fits the wants and needs of a lot of families. Give us a call or stop in, and we can answer any questions you may have and show you this incredible new boat!

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