The engineers at Centurion took the already iconic Ri237 to a totally new level with the addition of the Opti-V Hull. The Ri237 already boasts the best surf waves in the world as the official towboat World Wakesurfing Championships and now, with the Opti-V hull, puts out some of the best novice and pro level wakeboard wakes in the world along with the crossover capability of excellent recreation ski wakes. This new Ri237 delivers improved handling and 50% better fuel economy compared to the previous generation.

The Ri237 pushes things to the next level in comfort and design. With the deepest freeboard of any boat in its class, the Ri237 provides the safest and driest ride on the water. The storage compartments on this boat are big, as in pack up gear for the entire neighborhood and don’t forget the kitchen sink big – all sitting above the incredible Ramfill ballast system. This boat has additional comforts such as flip-up stadium seating, bimini top surfboard sleeves, playpen lounge seating and the exclusive Bluetooth Downfire Surround Sound Audio System.

Grab your shorts and let’s go take a surf set behind the Ri237!


LENGTH: 23′ 7″
BEAM: 102″
DRAFT: 36″

Centurion Ri237 Detail
Centurion Ri237 Detail 2
Centurion Ri237 Detail 3
Centurion Ri237 Big Detail 1

Opti-V Hull

In addition to being the most advanced wakesurf and wakeboard hull in the world, the Opti-V hull design delivers the smoothest rough water ride available on any towboat. Never fear to adventure through the channel of Lake Powell ever again.

Centurion Ri237 Detail 5

Your Perfect Wave

The Ri237 was the #1 rated boat at the Utah Surfest – receiving a higher overall rating than all other towboats. Part of the reason for this is the Ri237’s ability to quickly adjust the size and shape of your wave and make it ideal for riders of any ability or size. Your perfect swell awaits.

Dry Ride

The bow of the Ri237 sits high out of the water even with a full crew and ballast – ensuring that passengers only get wet when they jump in the lake and not when you turn into a big wave.

World Championship Certified

The Ri237 is the boat of choice for the World Wakesurfing Championships – the top wakesurf event in the world. When the best in the world want to take the sport to the next level, there is only one boat with the wave that can make it happen.

Luxury Lounge

The Ri237 features a spacious lounge with lots of seating options and loads of storage space underneath. With the Downfire Surround Sound Audio System, music is crisp and clear even in the bow so passengers can lie out in the sun while still being a part of the party.

Frameless Windshield

The new windshield on the Ri series is stunning with crisp lines and no windshield cap to get in the way. Easier to maintain and beautiful to look at.

Command Center

The Ri237 features Centurion’s patent pending SxS HD dash display with two large screens properly angled to give maximum visibility and control for the driver. Manage every aspect of the boat from this beautiful and functional helm display.

World Class Wakeboarding

The Ri237 now comes equipped with the revolutionary Opti-V Hull – delivering wakeboard wakes that are perfect for novice wakeboarders all the way up to pro level riders. This new hull design offers crisp, clean wakes at any wakeboard speed and both no ballast and a full 5,100 lbs.

Centurion Ri237 Big Action

Take it Up a Notch

The Ri237 is loaded with everything you need to take your family adventures to a whole new level. We would love to show you how the Ri237 will make your days on the lake something to remember.

Your next adventure awaits…

Centurion Ri237 Aerial
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