In 2002 Centurion pioneered the first wakesurf-focused Deep V hull design on a V-Drive boat. From 2002 to 2017, Centurion refined and developed 9 different V hull designs, making improvements and refinements with each new release.

In 2018, Centurion released the 10th generation of their V hull technology – this time it wasn’t an improvement; it was a revolution.

Introducing the Opti-V Hull.

The Opti-V hull accomplishes what was, until this point, impossible:

  • Longer and more massive wakesurf waves than the already-legendary World Championship Centurion surf waves
  • Clean and smooth recreational wakeboard wakes with zero ballast at speeds as low as 17 mph
  • Huge  pro-level wakeboard wakes that are totally clean on both sides, even when fully loaded
  • Shockingly smooth and mellow water ski wake at ski speed
  • Sports car handling that makes the Ri257 maneuver like a 21-foot boat and the Fi21 handle like a direct drive
  • Incredible ride through rough water – the smoothest available on any towboat in the world
  • Up to 50% (yes, really) improved fuel efficiency and 2X faster acceleration compared to other boat hulls

Yes, we are talking about one boat with all these capabilities – thanks to the most incredible wake boat hull ever developed. It seems crazy, but take one for a drive and it will make you a believer. Below are a few of the details on how the boat delivers the best performance in every metric.

Centurion Ri257 Surf Wave
Shaping the Most Legendary Wakesurf Wave in the World

The physics behind a wakesurf wave are pretty simple – there is no replacement for displacement. The Opti-V hull naturally displaces more water at lower speeds than any other hull because it simply sits deeper in the water than any other hull. With a dry weight draft of up to 36 inches, the Opti-V hull sits 50% deeper in the water than typical surf boats. When you combine that with the largest ballast system available on any boat, you have a boat that simply moves more water than any other out there.

Beyond just throwing up the biggest wave, the Opti-V hull delivers waves that can be shaped and customized to your preference using the Quicksurf Pro System and Stinger Wake Plate. The Opti-V hull is designed to work with these systems to produce a world class surf wave while riding level, eliminating the need to lean the boat to the side to get a clean wave. The ability to configure the running surface using these plates allows you to get everything from huge, barreling swells to a mellow hump to surf on without having to change where people sit or adjust ballast around. The waves are also symmetrical, meaning that the wave is equally awesome on both sides of the boat.

Wakeboarding at Every Level

The Opti-V hull delivers wakeboarding wakes unlike any Centurion to come before. No longer can a Centurion be considered only a “surf boat.” Every Centurion model can produce some of the cleanest, most consistent and most customizable wakeboard wakes in the world – delivering the perfect ramp for any rider, regardless of ability level or preference. The Opti-V hull is better balanced than previous hulls, allowing the wake to be less impacted by changing conditions – from weather to passengers’ moving around. The wake is clean and symmetrical at any speed from 17-28 mph and can be adjusted to be either smooth and controlled or steep and boosty by simply adjusting the steering wheel paddle shifters.

Centurion boats are available with the optional CATS system,  allowing your Centurion to produce a clean wakeboard wake regardless of where people are sitting in the boat. No need to move people or ballast around in an effort to clean up your wake. Taking it a step further, the CATS system can clean up a wakeboard wake on either side at speeds as low as 14 mph, far slower than a typical wakeboard boat, allowing riders to learn tricks without taking hard falls.

Centurion Ri237 Big Detail 1
Whisper Smooth Ride

For over a decade Centurion boats have been renowned as having the best rough water handling of any towboats on the market. When chopping wood would you rather use a hammer or an axe? The same principle applies when it comes to driving through rough water. The steeper the angle of the V in the bottom of the boat, particularly at the back half, the easier it will separate water and the smoother it will feel.

The Opti-V hull features a 20-degree deadrise at the back of the boat (the angle of V at the transom), nearly double the angle of most wake boats on the market. Though some boat companies have a deeper V hull at the front of the boat, this area never touches the water when cruising at speeds. Regardless of which model you choose, every Centurion will handle poor water conditions with ease. Don’t enjoy the slapping vibration you feel when you hit a big swell on other V-Drive boats? Well, you can now say goodbye to it forever.

Sports Car Handling

By combining elements of a Deep V hull and a flat bottom ski boat, the engineers at Centurion have given the new Opti-V hull both superior handling in rough water along with precision turning and effortless maneuverability in smooth conditions. The Opti-V hull reduces resistance on the hull of the boat allowing the boat to “glide” along the water with less drag, resulting in superior handling. This design lets the Ri257, one of the largest and heaviest 26 foot towboats on the market, drive and handle better at both high and low speeds than most 23 foot models. The hull is so efficient that you can steer one of these massive surf boats at 30 mph using only one finger.

The magic to this hull is the combination of flat triangle chine rails on the sides that transition into a “kinked” V hull in the center. This allows the Opti-V hull to plane and drive like a flatter bottom boat and achieve superior balance while not losing the benefits of a deep V design. Even better, the acceleration to plane is up to 2 times faster compared to other similar towboats with the same engine specs when using the Quick Launch feature.

Fuel Efficiency That Will Blow You Away

A more efficient hull, more efficient surf system and more efficient engine technology come together on the new Centurion boats to deliver something that you really have to see to believe. When running the diagnostics, the new Centurion boats equipped with the Opti-V hull showed an overall reduction in fuel consumption of over 50% compared to other boats. Yes, you read that correct… 50 PERCENT.

While at the Rocky Mountain Wakesurf Open, a Ri257 equipped with 6,000 lbs. of ballast and 10 adult passengers pulled 10 HOURS of nothing but fully loaded surfing with 70 RIDERS in a day and burned less than a half tank of fuel. That’s right, while running the boat under conditions, unlike anything a typical person will ever put a boat through, the Ri257 burned LESS than 1/2 of a tank of fuel. Just let that sink in for a minute and you will understand why people are raving about this hull like nothing that has ever come before it.

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