Hyperformance Direct Injection Engines by PCM

Hyperformance = More Efficient + Better Performance
For the past 2 seasons, PCM has offered their Hyperformance engine lineup and the results have been staggering. PCM brings you the latest engine technologies including their exclusive Direct Injection fuel delivery system. These new engines produce more torque, more horsepower and greater fuel efficiency than any other engines in their class. This Direct Injection technology is exclusive to PCM in the towboat market and not offered by any other engine manufacturers.

More Torque = More Power
The primary goal of the new Hyperformance Direct Injection (DI) engines was to deliver more power. In an inboard boat application, this is achieved by increasing the low-end torque specs of the motor. The new DI engines deliver more overall torque, as well as a torque curve that more directly favors the low end of the spectrum – allowing you to have more power out of the hole even when fully loaded with ballast. Taking it a step further, the new Power Plus V-Drive features gearing that increases low end power up to 15% vs. previous generations and cutting acceleration time to 25 mph by over 30%. This combination gives you the most powerful engine lineup available in the towsport industry.

Increased Efficiency
With PCM’s exclusive Direct Injection technology, the Hyperformance engine lineup not only delivers amazing performance but also incredible fuel efficiency. GM Marine’s DI delivery system ensures that more power is generated per gallon of fuel, allowing a smaller engine to provide more power while using less gas. In a direct comparison test, the new Direct Injection motors were able to generate more power while providing 27% greater fuel efficiency than that of engines with standard multi-port fuel injection.

PCM engines have been recognized as having the highest customer satisfaction ratings year after year. This is because the engines not only perform well, they also break less and have fewer maintenance issues than other engines. From the patented Fuel Control Cell, providing the best fuel protection and delivery in the industry, to the exclusive Vortex Cooling System, PCM motors are built to outrun anything else on the water. Most importantly, PCM Engines are backed with a full 5-Year Hypertection factory warranty – the longest and strongest factory warranty available, period.

Supreme PCM Engines
PCM Hyperformance Engine for Supreme
PCM Centurion Engines
PCM Hyperformance Engine for Centurion
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