If Zeus himself were to design a boat, what would he build? Something large in stature to establish a dominant presence, high performance level in order to create an exciting experience on the water, huge wakes and thunderous waves, and space to take 15 of his friends and gear along. Supreme did everything in their power to build a boat that accomplishes all of the above to the extent that Zeus would be proud to captain the all new Supreme ZS232!

One look at the new 23-foot 2-inch ZS232 from Supreme Boats and you will know you are looking at a high-performance wake surfing boat. The new ZS models are named for their Z-shaped sheer line, but internally they are known as the Zeus boats because riding one is like surfing a lightning bolt – embodying the mythical trinity of surf, strength and spirit. With as much as 4600 pounds of ballast at your fingertips and the Tapered-V Hull for bigger waves, you can launch to new heights from the powerful surf wave, or cruise like you rule the water.

Supreme is shaking up the industry in this segment with the new ZS series and the capability and price point are second to NONE!

Grab your shorts and let’s go take a surf set behind the ZS232!


LENGTH: 23′ 2″
BEAM: 102″
DRAFT: 36″

Power at your fingertips

Controlling all of this power is easier than you think. With the Supreme SeeTouch Dash System, we’ve blended functionality and high-end looks in order to give you a fantastic touch screen that is incredibly easy to navigate. Ballast configuration, Zero Off Speed Control, Quick Surf, Stinger Wake Plate, as well as diagnostic information is all readily available and at your control quickly and efficiently.

Space to go around

One of the many strong suits of the all new ZS series is storage capacity. With the deeper hull design, the addition of a surf board storage area for as many as 4 surf boards above the engine compartment was an absolute must. Ease of access and depth of storage is definitely abundant.

Luxurious Feel

Spradling Vinyl is a shimmering example of Supreme’s premium towboat status. Abrasion and stain resistant, various densities of foam, ergonomically angled seating, a beautifully appointed dash, supportive driver seat, all stitched together with Gore Tenera Thread. Every aspect of the interior of the new ZS232 lends to an ultra high-end feel.

Supreme Tapered V Hull

The segment changing design of the Supreme Tapered V Hull creates the strongest, longest, and most powerful surf wave in the entry class. With a sweet spot from the swim platform to the curl, the Supreme ZS surf wave caters to all skill levels. The ZS series is also so deep that the combination of the tapered V and depth of the hull allows for the driest and best rough water ride! The Supreme on water experience will out perform in the categories of surf wave, wakeboard wake, and rough water ride over any other entry level boat in it’s class. We are confident about it and would love to prove it to you!

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