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Put simply, you want to make sure that your boat is well built. Lucky for you, every Supreme boat is hand built using premium materials and assembled by master craftsmen in Merced, California. We believe the best benchmarks to measure construction quality are how solid the ride is, how well materials hold up over time and the warranty coverage that backs it all up.

For those who are just looking for great quality, know that every Supreme boat is built to the beyond the highest industry standards and backed with the best warranty on the water. For those who want to get into the details, let’s continue on and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Unibody Fiberglass Construction

The #1 enemy of a smooth ride is hull vibration. The more a hull flexes and vibrates, the less comfortable the ride is in rough water. To reduce hull flex, Supreme utilizes a true unibody construction process; the fiberglass framework of the hull, substructure, deck and floor are tied together into a single unified structure called ICS.

The Supreme Integrated Composite System (ICS) starts with three large hand-laid fiberglass structures (hull, top deck and stringer system). The hull is laminated using a precise resin control system, eliminating inconsistencies and excess material. The fiberglass in the hull is nearly 2 times as thick as many other towboats, adding rigidity and strength.

In most boats, the stringers are a set of wood or fiberglass supports that extend down the length of the boat, supporting the motor and floor and adding rigidity to the hull. Instead of standard beams, the ICS system uses a complete composite stringer grid system that extends not just from front to back but also up the sides of the boat. This stringer system drastically reduces hull vibration and flex, giving you a smoother and more comfortable ride. This stringer grid is fused to the hull using a space age adhesive called ITW Plexus. Plexus doesn’t simply “glue” the stringers in place, it chemically welds them together, creating a bond that is stronger than the fiberglass itself, unifying the entire structure into one, solid, inseparable piece.

The top deck, which includes the floor, seat bases and gunnel (basically everything above the rub rail and the interior glass of the boat) make up the 3rd major piece in the ICS system. This top deck is connected to the hull with Plexus using a unique reverse-shoebox fitting. The reverse-shoebox allows the top deck to push out and increase the rigidity of the hull, significantly reducing flex from any exterior impact (including rough water). This connection is significantly stronger than a standard typical shoebox connection and eliminates any possibility of leakage along seams. The rivets you see along the rub rail are for aesthetics only as the top and bottom of the boat are a single unified piece.

The single piece top deck features some unique advantages over a standard deck-construction method. The top deck is able to be 100% gel coat lined, allowing for easier cleaning and care along seat bases – all that won’t ever flex, break or have carpet wear down. This top deck also has significantly less flex than one put together using glue, brackets and screws.

Put simply, the unibody ICS construction process produces the most solid boat build of any method available. All Centurion and Supreme boats come backed with a full Lifetime Hull Warranty which, because of the Unibody design, covers the deck, stringers, floor and seat bases, in addition to the hull.

Metallic Satin Vinyl Interior

Having a super strong exterior structure is great, but the contrast of a plush, comfortable, durable and luxurious interior is just as important. For 2016, all Supreme models come wrapped in plush and durable Softside Metallic Satin Vinyl that is stain, mildew and UV resistant. The Softside Vinyl is soft, cushy and comfortable while at the same time extremely rugged and durable. To take it a step further, Supreme goes beyond the standard single and sometimes double-stitched upholstery by providing triple stitched seams, ensuring that your seats will look new for years to come. This combination of premium materials and craftsmanship is why the entire interior – from vinyl to stitching to carpet to accent pieces – is backed by Supreme’s full 3 Year Bow-to-Stern Warranty.

Supreme Interior Vinyl
Artisan Gel Coat Graphics

With 28 colors of gel coat and multiple graphic options available, the combinations are almost endless. All color panels on the Supreme boats are hand-taped and hand-sprayed by artisans in Merced, California. The gelcoat is polished to automotive quality with brilliant color that you simply can’t get with vinyl graphics. Each Supreme boat is constructed with a goal of being both rugged and beautiful while not cutting any corners.

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