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Inside every Supreme boat resides the Correct Craft DNA that not only stands for quality, but for heart-pounding exhilaration and unmatched performance on the water.
The Supreme QuickSurf System allows you to dial in a world-class surf wave on each side of the boat and change from side to side in just seconds. It is composed of a set of uniquely shaped wake plates which sit at the back of the boat on either side of the center wing plate. These plates deploy downward and, with the help of the deep Surftech V Hull, slightly list and crab the boat to either side to clean up the surf wave. Unlike most other surf systems, the Quicksurf plates are specifically engineered to each hull, with different plate shapes for each boat model and hull shape. Since each hull displaces water differently, each set of plates is tuned to provide the best possible surf wave on either side of the boat.

Evenly-Weighted Surfing
The QuickSurf System allows you to run even ballast on both sides without having to list your boat to the side, creating an even platform for the surfer and delivering a more comfortable ride for passengers – who no longer have to feel like they’re going to slip down the side of the boat. For those who prefer to surf while listed, QuickSurf allows you to run more total ballast – giving your wave more power and volume than running your boat without it.

Instant Wave Transfers
QuickSurf brings a whole new dimension to wakesurfing with the ability to transfer from one side of the wake to the other while riding. Engage Quicksurf and go from surfing on one side of the boat to the other in seconds, immediately cleaning up a world class wave to catch you on the down slope. No more waiting time between rider changes, ever.

Greater Efficiency
Because most “wakesurf” boats on the market have a hull designed for wakeboarding and not surfing, the surf systems on these boats are designed to slow or “brake” one side of the boat and deflect water to the other side. This method helps clean up the surf wave, but it also creates a lot of drag, consuming a great amount of fuel and creating strain on the engine. The QuickSurf System is completely different. Starting with a hull designed specifically for wakesurfing, there is no need for the QuickSurf System to “sink” one side of the boat or create additional drag. Taking it a step further, the QuickSurf System actually reduces drag on the boat when engaged, increasing fuel economy and allowing you to run more ballast with less power.
Supreme S Series Hull

All Supreme models feature the incredible V-hull design, a design inspired by the legendary Centurion Opti-V hull. Optimized for surfing and performance driven, the Supreme hull is perfect for recreational boaters and hard core surfers alike. This hull is designed to kick out a killer surf wave and a respectable wakeboard wake for advanced riders.

Though the different hull series have some slight variations, they all share the revolutionary Deep-V Hull technology. This design has been proven time and time again to produce a “better” surf wave, but the benefits go far beyond wakesurfing. Since the introduction of the Deep-V Hull, Centurions have been renowned as having the best rough-water ride of any towboats on the market.

To illustrate, when chopping wood, would you rather use a hammer or an axe? The same principle applies when it comes to driving through rough water. The steeper the angle of the V in the bottom of the boat, particularly at the back half, the easier it will separate water, and the smoother it will feel. Though some boat companies have a deeper V hull at the front of the boat, this area never touches the water at cruising speeds. Regardless of which model you choose, every Centurion and Supreme hull features a significantly steeper V bottom than any other hull in the industry. Tired of that slapping vibration you feel when you hit a big swell? Well, you can just say goodbye to it forever.

SeeTouch Dash w/ Zero Off

The amazing new SeeTouch Dash Control System – now standard on all Supreme models. The SeeTouch dash features a full color screen with quick menu navigation that runs all of the essentials on your Supreme. Control your ballast and QuickSurf settings with precise measurements to dial in the perfect wave every time.

The new SeeTouch Dash gives you complete control over your speed with Zero Off GPS Cruise Control. Zero Off allows you to make speed changes as low as 0.1 MPH – giving you the perfect wake every time. This system works seamlessly with PCM Engine’s digital throttle system that engages and holds speed immediately with silky smooth throttle control.


Supreme tops off their incredible boats with the amazing new F-Series tower. Your storage compartments just got emptied out into Bombshell swivel board racks and bimini board sleeves that can store up to 6 boards in the tower. This is easily collapsed with quick half-turn cam locks and full weight assist which allows a single person to effortlessly move it up or down. The F-Series tower is topped off with Wetsounds tower speakers for cranking up the volume on the water.

Hyperformance Direct Injection Engines by PCM


Hyperformance = More Efficient + Better Performance
PCM has introduced the all new Hyperformance engine lineup, bringing you the latest engine technologies including their exclusive Direct Injection fuel delivery system. These new engines produce more torque, more horsepower and greater fuel efficiency than any other engines in their class.

More Torque = More Power
The primary goal of the new Hyperformance Direct Injection (DI) engines was to deliver more power. In an inboard boat application, this is achieved by increasing the low-end torque specs of the motor. The new DI engines deliver more overall torque, as well as a torque curve that more directly favors the low end of the spectrum – allowing you to have more power out of the hole even when fully loaded with ballast. Taking it a step further, the new Power Plus V-Drive features gearing that increases low end power up to 15% vs. previous generations and cutting acceleration time to 25 mph by over 30%. This combination gives you the most powerful engine lineup available in the towsport industry.

Increased Efficiency
With PCM’s exclusive Direct Injection technology, the Hyperformance engine lineup not only delivers amazing performance but also incredible fuel efficiency. GM Marine’s DI delivery system ensures that more power is generated per gallon of fuel, allowing a smaller engine to provide more power while using less gas. In a direct comparison test, the new Direct Injection motors were able to generate more power while providing 26% greater fuel efficiency than that of engines with standard multi-port fuel injection.  

PCM engines have been recognized as having the highest customer satisfaction ratings year after year. This is because the engines not only perform well, they also break less and have fewer maintenance issues than other engines. From the patented Fuel Control Cell, providing the best fuel protection and delivery in the industry, to the exclusive Vortex Cooling System, PCM motors are built to outrun anything else on the water. Most importantly, PCM Engines are backed with a full 5-Year Hypertection factory warranty – the longest and strongest factory warranty available, period.
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