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The Best Ballast Placement for Wakesurfing - BoardCo Boats

The Best Ballast Placement for Wakesurfing

The Best Ballast Placement for Wakesurfing

The topic of how much ballast a boat has is a very common one, and for a good reason since there is no replacement for displacement when it comes to wakesurfing. Less common, however, is a discussion about where that ballast is located and how that impacts the surf wave a boat will put out and the way it will drive. So let’s take a minute and unpack this and talk about ballast placement.

Many people assume that the way a particular boat manufacturer places ballast in a boat is what is optimal for creating a surf wave on that particular boat, however, if you do some digging you will quickly find that this isn’t necessarily the case. Many users are adding ballast to the bow or rear of boats to increase their performance and improve the surf wave. Adding this weight to increase the size of the wave is one thing, but many users are adding extra weight (either water or steel) to areas like the bow of the boat to improve the wave shape and length or improve visibility. The more you look into it, you will see that many boat manufacturers are choosing where to position ballast tanks based on things such as creating the appearance of more storage space and not what will allow the boat to perform the best.

Having ballast located in the right areas will allow you to have a longer, more powerful surf wave along with a superior driving experience and a quieter, smoother drive with less fuel burned. Having the ballast positioned so that the boat moves through the water on a more level plane will provide the best experience for all and is accomplished by having the ballast more balanced throughout the boat. The following illustration compares the ballast placement of a Centurion Fi25 and a Malibu 25 LSV:


The following video showcases how ballast placement can impact the way a boat performs on the water. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions at all. We are more than happy to help however we can.

Have fun out there on the water!

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