The Centurion Boats Lineup

Engineered from the hull up to create the best waves and wakes on the water


Length: 26.5 Ft.
Seating Capacity: Yacht Certified
Total Ballast: 5850 Lbs
Length: 24.5 Ft.
Seating Capacity: 16
Total Ballast: 5650 Lbs
Length: 23 Ft
Seating Capacity: 14
Total Ballast: 5400 Lbs
Length: 25 Ft.
Seating Capacity: 16
Total Ballast: 5600 Lbs
Length: 23 Ft.
Seating Capacity: 14
Total Ballast: 5250 Lbs
Length: 22 Ft.
Seating Capacity: 13
Total Ballast: 5150 Lbs

Bigger, Longer, More Powerful


The most customizable wakesurf waves means you can provide the best surf experience for your family, your friends, and anyone who steps on your boat.

Whether your rider is 50 or 300 lbs., a beginner or World Champ Connor Burns (pictured here), you can be confident the wave they are on is the best they have ever surfed.


Built to maximize your enjoyment on the water

Why Centurion?

Surf Focused Designs

RamFill Ballast

3000 Lbs of ballast in 90 seconds.

Opti-V Hull

20 degrees of deadrise all the way to the transom of the boat.

The Most Ballast

Up to 5850 Lbs. of Stock Ballast

Total Ballast is only half of the story

Where that ballast is incredibly important

Sub-floor RamFill Tanks

2900 lbs of ballast perfectly positioned to weight all the way from the transom to the helm.

Sub-floor Bow Tank

450 lbs centered in the bow to keep your boat moving through the water with the

1500 Lbs Standard PNP

750 Lbs in each rear locker and storage space to spare even when full!

Optional Bow Bag

An available 500 lbs of ballast for when you're out with a small crew.

Optional Transom Bag

For when it's time to maximize your wave beyond what you thought was possible.

Centurion's Opti-V Hull, Silent Stinger Plate, and QuickSurf

A wave perfecting combination!

The Opti-V Hull

Centurion Boats have 20 degrees of deadrise at the very back of the transom, funneling more water and power directly into your wave.

The Silent Stinger Plate

Customization from 0 - 100 to create the perfect wave for any rider on the boat right from the steering wheel.


QuickSurf allows you to shape your wave exactly the way your rider wants it with ease and quickness. (Wave transfers with the tap of the screen)

Centurion Shift Thruster

Make controlling your boat even easier with the Centurion Shift Thruster available on the entire Centurion Boats lineup.


Intuitive controls with minimal menus that are easy to navigate. Get ready to have the world at your fingertips.

2 - 10"x10" Revo SxS Dash Screens

Take command with the intuitive Revo SxS touchscreen dash that allows you to seamlessly adjust everything from wave size to comfort settings, crafting the perfect ride for any condition. The innovative Revo screen provides real-time fuel efficiency data, showcasing how our boat remains 50% more fuel-efficient than its competitors, allowing for longer outings with fewer interruptions.

Dual 12"x4" Touch Vision dash screens

Exclusive to the Fi23 and Fi25, the PANO Side by Side HD Touch Vision Dash System by Enovation is composed of two 12” by 4” panoramic screens, mounted side by side, working together or independently so you can see and control everything at once. The advantage of this panoramic-style dash system is a low profile dash shroud that does not obstruct the driver's view of what is ahead.

Premium Interiors

  • Luxurious comfort with triple density foam seating

  • The thickest and highest quality upholstery available in any towboat

  • Superior Gatorstep flooring to cover and protect

  • Numerous ammenities and features to give you the best day on the water

Everything You Need to Enjoy your Experience On The Water

Flexible Seating Configurations
In-Floor Cooler w/Matching Gator Step
Comfort Strong Hex Vinyl
Pop Up Pylon
Sewlong XXL FCT Bimini
Gator Step Flooring
Flexible Seating Configurations
In-Floor Cooler w/Matching Gator Step
Comfort Strong Hex Vinyl
Pop Up Pylon
Sewlong XXL FCT Bimini
Gator Step Flooring

Make Your Boat Uniquely Yours

37 gelcoat colors, 15 GatorStep flooring colors in multiple patterns, 16 vinyl colors.

Every Centurion is hand built by expert craftsmen to meet your every wish. Don't just get a boat; get a boat custom built - exactly the way you want it.

Quality You Can Depend On

You want to keep your boat on the water and out of the shop. We are here to help you with that.

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