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Wakesurf, Wakeboard and Waterski on One Boat in just 5 Minutes! - BoardCo Boats

Wakesurf, Wakeboard and Waterski on One Boat in just 5 Minutes!

Wakesurf, Wakeboard and Waterski on One Boat in just 5 Minutes!

In this post we have a video that we shot doing something we have never seen done before. We are showing you the surf wave, wakeboard wake and ski wake behind the same boat – all in one take; completely unedited, untouched and shot on an iPhone7. This hopefully shows you the performance of the new Opti-V hull as well as the speed and versatility of the Ramfill ballast system.

When showcasing the “crossover” performance of other wake boats you typically see something like this:
-The ski wake with one driver, no passenger, and no ballast. Typically these are shots of the skier outside the wake and never showing the skier going through the wakes.
-A different set of shots of the wakeboard wake with 8 passengers, full ballast and a pro rider with camera angles designed to make it look bigger and cleaner.
-Another set of shots of the surf wave with about 2,000 lbs. of extra non-factory ballast, a full boat crew and camera angles down by the swim platform to make the appearance of a bigger wave.

This video is designed to cut through the noise. This is the same boat, with the same crew, with factory ballast all getting set up while the camera is rolling in one uncut, raw shot. Hear that motor? That is the actual noise of the engine – not a pumped up music track put in to hide the engine noise while your boat is turning 5,000 RPMs while surfing (this boat was at 3,200 by the way). It isn’t polished and that is the point.

Also, just as a side note, the fog you see coming from the exhaust is steam caused from shooting this video in September in Utah (it was a lovely 45 degrees out) and not exhaust fumes. Just wanted to make it clear that you aren’t ever sitting in a cloud of smog behind these boats.


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