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Which Boat has a better Wakesurf Wave Centurion vs Malibu

In this exciting adventure, we embarked on a mission to compare the surf waves generated by a brand new Malibu and a brand new Centurion. With the help of semi-pro riders, we delved into the dynamics, assessing the waves' quality, versatility, and overall performance. Join us as we explore the differences and similarities between these two boats, as shared by our expert riders.

Heading out to the Lake

We began our journey with Mitch from BoardCo, eager to witness the surf waves on a 25 LSV Malibu and an FI-25 Centurion. Our experienced riders, Thomas and Nate, were ready to jump in and provide their insights. Thomas showcased his skim style riding, while Nate took on the surf style. Their assessments and opinions would give us valuable information on how each boat compares. Malibu 25 LSV Surf Wave: Heading out onto the water on the 25 LSV, Thomas and Nate showcased their skills, trying out different riding styles. Nate demonstrated surf style riding, while Thomas focused on skim style, even trying out a skimboard. The surf wave on the Malibu impressed both riders, although they noted some differences in dynamics. Centurion FI-25 Surf Wave: Moving on to the Centurion FI-25, our riders, Nate and Thomas, plunged into the water once again, ready to surf and evaluate the wave. The Centurion's wave also garnered positive reviews from the riders, highlighting its customizability and unique characteristics compared to the Malibu.

Meet the Riders

Nate and Thomas, our talented riders, shared their expertise and thoughts on the surf waves. Nate, originally from the East Coast and a coach for wakeboarding and wake surfing, praised the customizability of the Centurion's wave. Thomas, a local wake surf instructor from Park City, added his perspective to the comparison, highlighting specific features of each wave.

Comparing the Waves

Nate favored the Centurion for surf style riding due to its ability to create a vertical wave akin to surfing at Chopo. He praised the wave's customizability, allowing for both steep and flat configurations, which facilitated various tricks and maneuvers. In contrast, he found the Malibu wave to be softer, leading to challenges in landing tricks and executing technical moves. Thomas echoed Nate's sentiments, emphasizing that the Centurion wave offered more push throughout its entirety, unlike the Malibu wave, which exhibited less consistency in this regard. The ability to adjust the Centurion wave's firmness, length, and steepness impressed Thomas, as it catered to different riding preferences. Wave Softness and Firmness: The riders delved into the concept of wave softness versus firmness, explaining how it impacts riding. Nate highlighted that a firm wave provides a better platform for popping and releasing the board during tricks, while a soft wave tends to make it harder to achieve the desired results. Thomas further added that a firm wave allows for easier board release during spins and tricks, reducing the risk of catching edges.

Customization and Adjustability

The Centurion impressed with its customization options, allowing riders to tailor the wave's characteristics precisely to their preferences. The Malibu, on the other hand, offered simplicity in its setup but sacrificed customization and adjustability. The riders acknowledged that the ideal choice depended on the individual's primary focus, whether it be surfing, wakeboarding, or a combination of both. Ballast Shifting and Wave Setup: Shifting ballast from one side to the other played a crucial role in wave setup.

The Malibu's wave considerably improved when additional weight was placed on the side being surfed, resulting in a cleaner and better-defined wave. In contrast, the Centurion's Ramfill ballast system allowed for quick adjustments without the need for extensive tweaking, making it more convenient. Choosing the Right Boat The final decision on the boat depends on individual preferences and priorities. If surfing takes precedence, the Centurion offers exceptional versatility and a superior wave. However, other boats like Mastercraft, Nautique, or Supra might be more suitable for those seeking a balanced wakeboarding and surfing experience.


Our surf wave comparison between the Malibu and Centurion boats provided valuable insights into their respective waves' qualities, customizability, and overall performance. Nate and Thomas shared their expertise, highlighting the strengths and differences between the two boats. When selecting a boat, it's essential to consider personal preferences, riding styles, and the desired focus on surfing or wakeboarding. By doing thorough research and seeking expert opinions, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your water sports aspirations.

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