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Which Wake Boat Has the Best Wakesurf Wave?

What Boat Has the Best Surf Wave?

This is one of the most common and interesting questions we get at our dealership.  I am sure that, if you have been looking for a new boat, almost every sales person you have spoken with has told you, in so many words, that the boat they sell has the best surf wave.

Here at BoardCo we find the answer to, “What boat has the best surf wave?” to be way more involved than the expected answer, “We do.”  I often respond to this question with a question, “Will you please define for me what the ‘best surf wave’ means to YOU?”  Without this information I cannot even begin to answer the question.  This usually makes people stop and think as well it should.  What the best wave is very much a personal opinion.   I know that the surf wave that I like is different depending if I am riding a surf board or a skim board and is not the same wave that my wife or sons would think is best.   For that matter, based on my experience as a judge at the World Wakesurfing Championships, even pro riders don’t agree on the “best” wave, since they all seem to like something slightly different.  Just ask Lance Connor “the best surf driver in the world” how often he is changing the wave at a Wakesurf competition.

So maybe a better question to ask would be, “Is the boat I am looking at capable of making a variety of surf waves so my whole family is happy, and, if so, can that boat change between them quickly and easily”.

To clarify, I’d like to illustrate some of the most common wave types and in very general terms and what riders usually prefer them.

  1. Big and Steep – Most high end surf-style riders want a big, steep, almost vertical wall-type wave that curls as far back as possible and has a ton of push, a wave long enough for the rider to pump and drive down the face of the wave. This long, steep wave allows the rider to generate the speed and drive required for bigger tricks that require more air off the top of the lip.  Making this wave requires a huge amount of displacement and a boat that can shape the wave.
  2. Bigger Guys – Bigger guys that are beginner to intermediate level riders weighing in at 200 to well over 300 lbs., usually want a wave that is similar to the one mentioned above. The only difference is that less advanced riders will usually want a wave with a little more tail push.
  3. Skimmer – Beginner to Intermediate level skim-style riders want a long wave that has a flatter table on top, making spins and shuv tricks easier while learning, while most advanced to pro level skim-riders want a wave with more size and a lip at the top. This wave gives them more pop off the top which is required for the bigger skim tricks
  4. Women, kids, and smaller guys – Smaller beginner riders usually prefer a smaller wave with less push than number 1 and 2 above. This is because waves with a lot of power and push, force smaller riders too quickly, into the back deck of the boat, this forces a smaller rider to constantly lean on their back foot.

So the answer to the question of “who has the best wave” is the boat(s) that can make all different types of surf waves and then quickly and easily change between them.  To do this you need a boat that

  1. Has a massive amount of boat and ballast weight (Centurion has over 10,500 lbs.)
  2. Has the ability to fill and empty ballast fast (Centurion Ram – Fills 3,000 lbs in 45 Seconds)
  3. Has the ability to change the shape the wave on 3 axes (Centurion CATS, Ram Fill, quick Surf and the Stinger plate)
  4. Has the ability to surf regular or goofy (Centurion has Quicksurf)
  5. Has the ability to change the wave table (Centurion has the Stinger tab)

The key is adjustability, I am able with my Centurion Ri237 to make any one of these waves in less than a minute.  My personal opinion is the new Centurion Ri237 is the best surf boat built to date.  But I cannot judge for you. The best surf wave for you is a personal opinion.  I would only suggest that you really judge for yourself, go for a demo and test out for yourself.  I have no problem saying that there are major differences in the surf wave boats put out and there is no replacement for being in the boat and seeing the wave change or even better riding behind it and feeling the changes.  Then you and your crew can determine which boat is best for YOU!

“Life is Short, Let’s Ride”

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