Centurion CATS Tracking System

For Wakeboarding

Have you ever needed to shift people around to clean up a wakeboard wake? Yeah… well, never again! Minor adjustments to the CATS system will even out the hull while driving down the lake, regardless of where people are sitting in the boat. This means your boat can run completely level, even if you have six people sitting to one side of the boat and three people on the other.

Centurion Articulating Tracking System

The CATS System, exclusive to Centurion boats, gives you unprecedented control over your wakesurf wave and wakeboard wake. The CATS fin replaces traditional tracking fins with a larger tracking fin that can be controlled and angled from side to side, making minor changes to the hull orientation of the boat. With just the touch of a button, the driver can adjust the CATS fin up to 25 degrees to either side, changing the position of the hull while wakeboarding or just cruising around.

While Cruising

The same benefits that CATS brings to the wakeboard wake also translate to cruising, The boat can run down the lake completely level, even if there are more people sitting on the port side than on the starboard side (or vice-versa). No matter where people sit or shift gear around, the captain can always keep the boat completely level and safer than any other towboat on the water.