Ramfill was designed to give you ultimate control over your boat. Want to change between waterskiing and surfing without taking 15 minutes to swap ballast around? Ramfill utilizes a scoop system on the bottom of the boat that picks up water (how scooper planes pick up water to fight forest fires), and lets you to shift ballast around in seconds, not minutes. Ramfill allows you to add 2X as much ballast as other towboats AND do it in 1/2 the time.

Let's take it one step further. Ramfill gives you the ability to add or remove a few hundred pounds of ballast from one side of the boat in under 10 seconds so you can change the level of the boat while surfing, cruising, wakeboarding, or any other activity. If you have more people sitting on one side of the boat, you can easily make an adjustment so you don't need to worry about driving down the lake leaning to the side.



Why would Centurion equip their boats with a notably larger ballast system than any other towboat? One word: volume. When you pair a hull design optimized for surfing with more ballast, you end up with a powerful wave created by more total water volume being displaced. This wave, with the right hardware, can then be shaped into the perfect shape/size for any rider. You can stretch the wave out longer or stack it up taller and closer to the boat. The math is simple - the more water you displace, the more you have to work with.

The incredible Opti-V hull can't create the best surf wave in the world unless it sits deep enough in the water. The largest factory ballast system ever put in a towboat creates the magic.


Optimal ballast distribution is as important as how much ballast you have in the boat and will aid you in your battle against the evils of low driver visibility, massive gas bills, and short surf pockets. Many surf boats have as much as 80% of their total ballast behind the back seat in the rear of the boat, causing the boat to surf or wakeboard with the nose way up in the air. Why? To make storage under the side seats look deeper when a boat is sitting in the showroom. Centurion on the other hand opts to place ballast in a way that evenly distributes the running surface, allowing your boat to run level and giving you full visibility of your surroundings. Beyond just running level, proper ballast distribution reduces strain on your engine and allows the entire surf-focused running surface to connect with the water, lengthening out your surf wave and giving you plenty of room to play.