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Centurion vs. Malibu vs. Nautique Fuel Economy

If you’ve spent much time looking on our website or poking around online you’ve probably come across some pretty unbelievable information about the new Centurion Opti-V Hull. We made this video because the claims about the Opti-V hull are exactly that – almost “Unbelievable”.

I mean, come on… 50% better fuel efficiency? A better wakeboard wake than the best wakeboard boats on the market? Faster acceleration than a flat bottom boat?

Yes, and this is where we prove it.

Earlier this fall we took out 3 boats – a Centurion Ri257, Nautique G23 and Malibu 24 MXZ, hooked a diagnostic computer up to them and got the raw data on fuel economy, acceleration speed, noise rating, etc. Big thanks to our friends and team riders for letting us use their boats to do these tests! If anyone has a comparable boat from a different brand let us know and we are happy to do this same test on others.

Our mission was pretty simple – show the raw data on how the new Opti-V hull performs compared to other boats on the market. No marketing rabble-rabble, no doctored photos or special editing. Just the numbers and the numbers don’t lie. This is the first of 2 videos we have that will show how these boats compare.

Now, I would like to point out that these were all awesome boats and we are in no way saying that the Malibu or Nautique in these videos are bad boats or anything of the sort. This isn’t an analysis of the subjective aspects of the boats such as comparing the surf wave, driveability or anything that can’t be represented by numbers. If you would like to compare the driveability or surf performance of a Centurion against any other boat we are happy to take you out so you can do so, but we wanted this information to be as unbiased as possible.

The results are legitimate and we want to be as transparent as possible when showing them. Here is the configuration of each of the boats that we tested:

Nautique G23
Boat Length – 23′
Boat Weight – 5,400 lbs.
Ballast Weight – 2,850 lbs.
Total Weight – 8,250 lbs.
Lake Elevation – 5,417 feet
Engine – PCM XR7

Centurion Ri257
Boat Length – 25′ 7″
Boat Weight – 6,150 lbs.
Ballast Weight – 5,050 lbs.
Total Weight – 11,200 lbs.
Lake Elevation – 5,417 feet
Engine – PCM H6

Malibu 24MXZ
Boat Length – 24′ 5″
Boat Weight – 4,800 lbs.
Ballast Weight – 3,000 lbs. + Wedge
Total Weight – 7,800 lbs.
Lake Elevation – 4,900 feet
Engine – Indmar Monsoon 450

If you look at the data the Ri257 is actually at a severe disadvantage when it comes to fuel economy as it is a larger, heavier boat with more ballast. The Centurion and the Malibu are both equipped with 450 hp engines where the Nautique is equipped with a 550 hp engine. These are the most common engines used at this elevation in each model. This video compares the fuel economy at surf speed but there is another one coming shortly that showcases the acceleration and engine performance on these same boats and the engine differences will be addressed in more detail in our next post.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions on the specifics of this video / post and let us know if you would like to get out on the water and experience the Opti-V hull for yourself!

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