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What's New for 2018?

2018 ushers in the most impressive lineup of Centurion wakesurf and wakeboard boats to ever hit the market. These new boats are packed with the most innovative features to date along with the most luxurious finishes available on any towboat. Here is a quick taste of some of the changes and newness available on the 2018 Centurion lineup:

The Fi23 – The all new Centurion Fi23 is a 23 foot wake and surf machine that delivers incredible performance at an even more incredible value. The Fi23 is a beautiful 23 foot boat that features aggressive lines and contours that can only be achieved with Centurion’s unique Vacuum Infusion Process technology. You haven’t seen anything like this boat before and it is the perfect boat if you are looking to maximize your value and still get the best wakes and waves available on any boat in the world.

Next Generation Quicksurf Pro – The Quicksurf Pro system on Centurion boats is getting an upgrade for 2018 with a new beveled contour that offers greater displacement and overall improved performance compared to previous versions.

Opti-V Hull – 2018 brings the next evolution in hull technology with the Opti-V Hull available on both the Ri Series and Fi series boats. This new hull shape offers greater displacement with less weight for surfing, a more balanced hull design for cleaner wakeboard wakes and significant improvements in handling and fuel efficiency. Centurion has been able to develop a hull that offers up all these improvements while still keeping the incredible rough water ride Centurion boats have always been known for. Take one of these new boats for a drive and you won’t believe the performance you see and experience.

New Ramfill Ventilation – Ventilation for the game-changing Ramfill ballast system has been refined and improved for 2018 making the fastest filling ballast system in the world even faster.

New Gelcoat Colors – A whole bunch of beautiful new gelcoat colors have been introduced for 2018 including a handful of colored “Silver Flake” gelcoats. These new colors are made by combining standard gelcoat colors like white, black and red with silver metal flake. The result is gelcoats with vibrant colors and almost a pearlescent sheen that sparkles without the glitter look. These new colors look absolutely incredible on and off the water.

New Windshield – The newly developed windshield gives Centurion boats a crisp, clean look with sleek lines and bold accents along with a front that doesn’t cap on the top like a traditional windshield. The new windshield is truly a work of art.

New Hex Vinyl Accents – For 2018 Centurion introduces a new selection of vinyl offerings in an exclusive 17 mil. hex pattern finish. This stunning new vinyl delivers the same strength and durability as the main Comfort Strong material now in all the accent panels. With a number of new beautiful colors, the Hex Vinyl truly elevates the look and feel of any Centurion boat.

PCM XR7 Engine w/  Centurion Power Drivetrain – For 2018 Centurion is offering the PCM XR7 and XS7 Supercharged engine with 1.72:1 gearing for “throw you back in your seat” power. This new offering comes with Centurion’s unmatched new Centurion Power framework that allows the boat to handle the stress of the 971 ft/lbs. of torque generated at the propeller with this powerhouse engine setups. If you want an engine setup that will throw you back in your seat this one is for you.

New Isotta Prestigio Steering Wheel w/ Performance Sport Shifters – Centurion offers up a new Italian steering wheel design for 2018 with Zero Off Speed and Stinger Plate Controls right at your fingertips. The new design is super functional while still sleek and beautiful.

New Gator Step Flooring Options – New Gator Step flooring colors for 2018 include Black / Toffee, Toffee / Black and Black / Silver for even greater customization. Just in case you were wondering – the black Gator Step isn’t nearly as hot as you would expect.

New Interior Stitching Accents – In 2018 Centurion is offering the ability to customize the colors of the GoreTerra threading on all interior stitching. Pick contrasting red or blue stitching with your seats for that extra pop of awesome.

New Smooth Dash Design – All dashes starting in 2018 feature internal mounting hardware removing all exposed screw caps and other mounting pieces for a flush, smooth finish.

Ri Series Stainless Steel Grill – The new Ri Series Stainless Steel front grill is polished to a brilliant shine perfectly tying in the rub rail and other accents with an extra touch of class.

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