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Ultimate Surf System Comparison - Centurion / Supreme vs. Malibu / Axis

Probably the most over-hyped, marketed and discussed item on a wakesurf boat is the Surf System. “My surf system is better than yours” seems to be a topic that is screamed from every proverbial roof in the wake boat industry and there is A LOT of bad information out there about these devices that allow you to move water from side to side to create a surf wave.

The plates/tabs/gates that sit at the back end of a boat are great for creating delayed convergence, but there is a lot more that goes into creating a surf wave than just the device that diverts water flow at the back of a boat. The biggest factors that are involved in what really makes a “Surf System”, are as follows:

-The plates/gates/tabs that direct water flow at the back of the boat
-The hull design, or better put, running surface of the boat
-The ballast in the boat and where that ballast is located
-Other devices that control the orientation of the hull as it moves through the water (ie center plate or hydrofoil that lifts or pulls on the boat)

In the video below we take a close look at what each of these factors do on a surf boat and how Centurion utilizes each of these pieces to create the best possible experience for both the surfer and the boat driver while surfing.


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